2016 Project Sponsors Opportunities


1.   Archives & Library Priority Preservation:  $15,500  (Dr. Dorianne is one lead sponsor!)


2.   ATIZ Dual Bookdrive Mini Scanner:  $9,500


3.   Creative Thought and SOM Magazine Digitization: $3,000  


4.   Archives Website Upgrade:  $2,500


Sponsorships in any amount are welcome and all help.

Listen to which project speaks to your heart

and join in to make it happen!

Contact Kathy at info@somarchives or call 720-496-1361 for more information.  Thank you!



Our Current and Future Projects

The Science of Mind Archives has several ongoing and future preservation projects planned. Here are some of the projects that are either underway or planned for the near future.


Recently Completed Projects

Thanks to a grant from the Hefferlin Foundation, the Archives was able to install a new shopping cart on our website to make it MUCH easier for everyone to add both free and paid items to the shopping cart and check out just once vs. multiple times.

Published and made available for purchase Chronicles of Religious Science Volume One.  Volume Two near completion.

Published and made available for purchase all Four Volumes of the Extension Study Course written by Ernest Holmes with questions by Reginald Armor. 


Ongoing Projects

·  Science of Mind magazine issues digitized and on uploaded to website – 1927-1949 (1950-2007 Already available under SOM Magazine tab)

·  1927-August 1933 issues are scanned and digitized and uploaded.

·  Complete the scanning and digitization of all Ernest Holmes writings (We currently have over 200 Ernest Holmes e-books available for download or purchase).

·  Index & Database private collections

- Marcus Bach rare book collection and papers (Thanks to the assistance of volunteer Melinda Eskridge)

- Annemarie Hogel rare book collection (Thanks to the assistance of volunteer Laurie Hendren)

- Scan and Digitize complete run of Creative Thought--this is currently a very active project thanks to donations and support!

·  Transfer all Ernest Holmes reel-to-reel recordings into MP3 and CD format--underway thanks to Mile Hi Church's sponsorship!

·  Scan and digitize lectures and classes by other Religious Science Ministers such as William Hornaday and Donald Curtis to name a few.




Language Translation

English French German Italian Portuguese Russian Spanish


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Quick Links

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December 2016 - A Holmes Reader on Practical Wisdom

November 2016 - The Relationship Between Love and Gratitude Free

October 2016 - The Greatest Thing in Life


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From your device go to the iTunes store, search for "This Thing Called Life Ernest Holmes" (all those words) and you will find 10 albums each with two radio shows for only $9.99 each from the 1940's and 1950's.