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Ernest Holmes on the  Christ Within

SOM Archives Dec. 2015 blog

By Diego Reyes, Archives Volunteer
Around the holidays it was Ernest’s wish for us to remember not only the biblical birth of Jesus but, to be certain we never forget that the Christ that resides within ourself, awaiting to be born. He always tried to teach us, as Jesus had, that knowing the Divine lives within each of us is how we can be supported and guided to be One with the Father.
Jesus spoke as one in authority because he knew he was dealing with impersonal law. He received inspiration from Spirit and directly controlled the law through the power of his conscious word; and this without external aid of any nature whatsoever. What has been done can be done again; what one can do, all have the privilege of doing, provided they know how to comply with the law.
Christ is born to, or within each, as the human gives way to the divine; as strife gives way to peace; as confusion gives way to poise; as weakness gives way to strength; as fear gives way to faith; as doubt gives way to certainty; as hell gives way to heaven; as misery gives way to happiness; as we give way to the Spirit. The human will finds no place in the divine certainty, for God does not will anything to happen; God knows, and the result of God’s knowing produces creation.
Christ is the image of God, the likeness of the Father, the Son of the Universe, the Man that Spirit conceives. Christ is not limited to any person nor does He appear in only one age. He is as eternal as God. He is God’s idea of Himself or His own self-knowingness.
          ~E. Holmes
 Religious Science Magazine
Jesus thought of the Spirit as being personal to Him, as directly responding to, and being aware of, man’s approach to it, He located God and the Kingdom of Heaven within Himself. 
This was a different concept from that of the teachers who had preceded him, and quite different from that of most of those who followed him. For nearly all taught that God was a mandatory power sitting somewhere in the vastness of space governing the world with rod of iron and a rule of law. 
Jesus located God in His own soul. So complete was this realization that He was unable to find a place where the being of Jesus began and God left off, or where the being God began and Jesus ceased.
         ~E. Holmes
 Religious Science Magazine
Christ, the perfect man, is developed within us through the realization and revelation of the self to the self. God in us is Christ, and Christ in us constitutes our true Sonship to the Parent Mind, which is God. Every man is a potential Christ, an as yet undeveloped divinity. From the least to the greatest the same life runs through all, threading itself in the patterns of our individualities. He is “ over all, in all and through all.
          ~E. Holmes
 Religious Science Magazine 
What was it that Jesus proclaimed? “I am the way, and the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” He was not talking about Jesus, he was talking about you. Jesus gave us back to ourselves. How are you ever going to consciously reach God other than through your own nature? There are no prophets other than the wise. There is no God beyond Truth, and no revelation higher than the realization of the Divinity within us. That which the ages have failed to reveal, you and I must reveal; each to himself in the secret chamber of his own heart, the secret chamber of his own heart, the secret place of the Most High, where only and alone does one abide under the shadow of the Almighty. This aloneness is not a loneliness; it is the one all-inclusive, all-penetrating unity of everything that is.
          ~E. Holmes
 Science of Mind Magazine
This month we celebrate the birth of him whom we think to have been the greatest spiritual genius who ever lived. And I would like to discuss what this man said and taught, and what its relationship might be to our everyday living. At the time of Jesus what we now call the Christian religion had not been started. Jesus was a Jew following the line of the Jewish tradition, but he brought to it something which was new: the value of the individual life, and the relationship of the individual to the Universal, or man to God.
Jesus taught two great universal truths: one, that we are surrounded by a Divine Presence which presses against us everywhere; the other, that we are surrounded by a universal Law of Intelligence which is creative - it is done unto us as we believe. No other person before or since had ever been so specific about this. Through the conscious use of this Power greater than we are, he healed the sick and raised the dead; he fed the multitude and found money in the fish’s mouth to pay the taxes; he turned the water into wine, and raised himself from the dead. Jesus taught a very intimate relationship, a Divine partnership that we all have with the Infinite, but in such very simple words that sometimes we overlook their profoundness.
          ~E. Holmes
 Science of Mind Magazine
Jesus gave no indication in his healing ministry that he was forcing anything to happen, rather he displayed a calm assurance and an inner knowingness that the right thing was being accomplished. He rose above appearances and embodied in his own thought the full nature of the perfection that came to pass. All of this was a process of thought that enabled him to recognize the nature of things as they really are. There is no evidence of his ever violating any of the laws of nature; rather there seems to have been a proper use.
Whether we realize it or not our thought can and does permit the creation of the conditions of our body, making it sick or well; it does control our circumstances, making them happy or unhappy. It can bring into our experience any good that we rightly conceive. No one understands the science of mind until he has come to see that it is man who sows, but it is God who gives the increase; Man thinks his thought, the Law of Mind makes it manifest. Just as Jesus recognized that he was one with the Father so must we. It is the birth of such an awareness which we should let happen to us this Christmas time. When we reach this point in our thinking we come to know the great Good which works through us.
         ~ E. Holmes
 Science of Mind Magazine
These are excerpts from Dr. Holmes’ December writings, his first and final three years. It’s easy to see that it was his lifelong wish to see that all humans realized the Christ presence that resides within themselves.
I am grateful for the resources to connect with the origins of our teachings and be able to witness a great teachers contemplations. In knowing that this is all provided through the gifts of those who believe this legacy is worth archiving for future generations, I salute you for your contribution here at this site to maintain a repository of our ever expanding base of knowledge. Happy holidays and may your experiences be prosperous.
 ~Diego Reyes
   December, 2015
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